Firmer skin can be yours

As we age, we start to experience fine lines and wrinkles and our skin no longer feels as supple and plump as we hoped for. What causes the skin to lose elasticity and vitality? The main cause of this is the loss of collagen and elastin fibres in the deeper layer of the skin – these function as the “mattress spring’ of our skin, holding it up to keep it looking smooth, firm and taut.

However, due to the natural progression of ageing (everyone experiences this, you’re not alone) and a slowdown in collagen and elastin production, these “springs” become weaker and looser, resulting in the inevitable collapse of the skin due to gravity. This ageing process begins in our mid-20s, with collagen depleting at a rate of 1% every year.

In addition, our modern digital-savvy life comes with its adverse effects too, in a silent way – digital pollution with blue light from modern gadgets that we constantly use daily (mobile devices, computers, etc.) accelerate our ageing process.

By the time we notice fine lines and wrinkles and our skin starts to sag, it is an uphill battle to reverse the ageing process. Like most things in life, prevention is always better than cure.

What can be done to have the skin that we desire? Here are some good skin-loving tips:

Boost moisture level

Dryness in the skin accelerates ageing. When our skin is dry, fine lines and wrinkles will be more visible and run deeper.

Spritz a good amount of toner after cleansing to support your skin’s protective barrier by creating an active antioxidant shield to fight free radical damage, and help prevent the signs of ageing. Antioxidant Hydramist is perfect for the job.

Loading up on a good moisturiser is a great start. Constantly making sure that your skin is bathed in optimal hydration level with anti-ageing properties is key to a more supple, healthier skin. Super Rich Repair provides superb lifting and wrinkle-smoothing results to minimise expression lines.

Go for a firming serum

Apart from boosting moisture, a serum that can specifically tailor your skincare regimen to address them. One way to do this is with the Smart Response Serum, which is formulated with SmartResponse Technology to effectively address your skin’s needs in real-time. As these various skin signals start flashing (figuratively, not literally), it intelligently addresses skin concerns and helps to prevent future damage. Best of all? It does all this before you even notice!

Invest in a good facial treatment

Apart from our daily homecare regimen, some extra intervention helps. Consider a safe and effective non-invasive facial treatment, like Intense Facelift Therapy with HIFU that gives instant lifting, firming and a defined facial contour – quick anti-ageing results with zero downtime and minimal discomfort.

Facial exercises

Facial exercises can tone and tighten facial muscles. For example, jawline exercises reduce the appearance of a double chin. Devices to power up your daily homecare regimen like Bt Sonic can be used to exercise your skin by stimulating blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, as well as 8x better cleansing than manual methods.

Take supplements

Collagen peptides can help replenish collagen that is broken down in the body. Moreover, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can repair damaged skin cells, protect the skin from free radicals and even assist in collagen production.

At AsterSpring, we are here for you. Achieve great skin health by visiting your nearest AsterSpring centre for a thorough skin analysis, facial treatment and product recommendations personalised to your skin needs, the right skin-loving skincare products just for you.

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