With growing modernisation, there are tremendous advancements across all aspects of life, particularly facial anti-ageing. While embracing the new, it always pays to balance advancements with the wisdom of the past. Understanding the benefits of this holistic approach AsterSpring Singapore's new anti-ageing treatment combines the old phrase of prevention is better than cure with advanced technology. 

Designed to be the first step in preventative care, the Age Reversal Collagen aims to preserve existing collagen, boost cell turnover rate, and enhance skin elasticity for a youthful complexion that lasts.


A staple starter in AsterSpring Singapore, this anti-ageing treatment begins with a breathing exercise, followed by a double cleanse to prep the skin. On cleansed skin, an exfoliant is applied. Rich in Lactic Acid, peptides and enzymes, the gentle exfoliant removes dead skin cells, smoothens skin texture, and instantly brightens the complexion.

As a final step to the deep cleansing process, extractions using AsterSpring Singapore's hallmark technique remove whiteheads and blackheads painlessly. With the skin thoroughly cleansed, freeze-dried marine collagen sheets are applied along the nasolabial folds. Freeze-dried to retain the potency of marine collagen, these sheets restore collagen in this high-movement area, improving elasticity in the skin, and replumping and refining fine lines in the area.

To seal in the replenished collagen and provide a boost of brightness, an Intense Brightening Bio-Cellulose mask is applied. Within the mask lies a patented LipoButy™ encapsulation technology designed to deliver the brightening essence deep within the skin. While the mask works into the skin, a pressure point massage melts muscle tension away. This anti-ageing treatment is completed with toner, moisturiser and SPF to protect the skin.

Key benefits:
  • Instant replumping & lifting
  • Boosts firmness & elasticity
  • Diminish fine lines & wrinkles
  • Brightens & hydrates skin
Recommended for:
All skin types EXCEPT acne-prone skin and hypersensitive skin.

70 minutes

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