Get a firm neck

No matter how healthy your face looks, your neck can tell a very different story.

Like the eyes and lips, the skin of the neck is thinner than the face, subject to almost constant movement and therefore, more prone to damage and premature skin aging. The muscles sitting underneath the skin of our neck are responsible for the motion of moving our head up and down, but also for our human expressions. Surprisingly, we use the muscles of the neck to smile, frown and even kiss! It’s also commonly a neglected area, often receiving the dribs and drabs of our skincare or nothing at all.

Not All Neck Lines Are a Result of Ageing

On top of all this, poor posture and constantly looking down at our devices is another driver of neck aging. Due to our increasing consumption of technology, which has undoubtedly sped up this year, many of us are suffering from “tech neck”. Ever heard of the term “Tech Neck''? Well, you may have felt it. Soreness in the neck, stiffness in the shoulders, and lines and wrinkles are a result of our desk jobs and smartphones (this includes working from home due to the pandemic too). This means that neck aging isn’t reserved for those in an older age bracket, we’re all susceptible to technology-induced necklines.

Getting your neck back in shape and improving tone and texture, requires a holistic approach.

First of all, don’t forget your neck! When you’re going through your daily skincare routine, be sure to include the neck - and chest for that matter. Our neck and chest are often exposed to the elements, so sunscreen is a must. Don’t scrimp with your skincare, make sure you treat this area as generously as you do your face.

Neck Friendly Results Driven Skincare

The neck is a unique area so skincare that has been developed specifically to target and treat the neck will provide the best results. Look for products that contain ingredients that tighten, lift, firm and protect the neck from premature skin ageing.

Neck Fit Contour Serum can be used on all skins and will treat existing signs of skin ageing, along with preventing future damage and improving the health of the neck skin.

Team up the Neck Fit Contour Serum with Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 to increase hydration and prevent premature skin ageing of the neck. Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 is a 2-in-1 medium-weight moisturiser. It provides critical hydration, and protects against UV damage, plus, it’s packed with peptides and antioxidants to keep skin young, healthy and radiant.

Look to incorporate professional skin treatments that focus on the neck for the ultimate neck workout and results.

As a last tip, become more mindful of how you’re moving your neck. Position your devices higher, so you’re not having to look down and take regular stretches throughout the day. Healthy skin isn’t just a reference to healthy facial skin, it includes the delicate skin of the neck too.

You may want to consider these facial treatments that help to firm up the neck and lower chin areas.

Recommended treatments:

  • Intense Firming – LPG by zone (Neck)
  • Intense Facelift Therapy with HIFU (Face & Neck)
  • Intense Facelift Therapy with HIFU (Pre)
  • Intense Facelift Therapy with HIFU by zone (Neck area)

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