Get firm with a neck workout

Let’s face it, technology isn’t going away, so what can we do to prevent the appearance of necklines, creases and sagging?

Keep Your Neck Fit

Just as we move our bodies to keep them toned and healthy, we can do the same with our neck. Daily neck stretches will go a long way to keeping the skin smooth and taught, coupled with the right skincare.

Kickstart your neck fitness with these neck strengthening exercises:

  • Standing up, lift shoulders up and down (shrugging motion) for 2 - 3 seconds on the way up and 2 – 3 seconds on the way down. Repeat 2 more times.
  • Put one hand on your forehead and the other hand on top. Push your forehead into your hands and at the same time, push your hands back into your forehead. Do this for 3 seconds, take a rest and then repeat.
  • Move both hands behind your head. Push the head back into the hands and at the same time, push your hands into the back of your head. Hold for 2 – 3 seconds, rest and repeat.
  • With feet wide apart, turn your left foot to left. Move your left hand down your left leg as the right-hand stretch up - the left knee should be slightly bent. Keep your eyes focused on your right hand towards the ceiling to help lengthen the neck. Hold for 20 - 30 seconds and then come back up slowly to the centre. Repeat on the other side.
  • If you have a massage tool, roll it in upwards strokes up the neck and outwards strokes across the chest, lifting the chin as you go.

Of course, you can firm up this delicate area even more with our #FaceGymWithAS facial exercises movement, coupled with the new NECK FIT CONTOUR SERUM, a lightweight, roll-on neck serum that tightens skin immediately and tones over time, Dermalogica’s solution for keeping the neck (and chest) fit, firm and healthy.

You may also consider our latest facial with Korean technology, the Intense Facelift Therapy with HIFU for the toned and smoothed neck contour!

You may want to consider these facial treatments that help to firm up the neck and lower chin areas.

Recommended treatments:

  • Intense Firming – LPG by zone (Neck)
  • Intense Facelift Therapy with HIFU (Face & Neck)
  • Intense Facelift Therapy with HIFU (Pre)
  • Intense Facelift Therapy with HIFU (Pre)

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