MASKNE: Is your face mask causing skin problems?

Wearing face masks is now regarded as essential in the fight against covid-19 together. However, wearing face masks can lead to

  • increased acne breakouts, and
  • skin sensitivity or irritation, especially around the jawline, cheek and mouth area.

When worn for extended periods of time, face masks cause friction by continually rubbing against our skin, as well as a build-up of heat and moisture on the skin. This disrupts the balance in our skin microbiome and damages our skin barrier.

Acne breakouts are more likely as our skin becomes more susceptible to harmful germs. Moreover, when we experience higher stress levels in times of uncertainty, hormones are released that result in an overproduction of oil in our skin, as well as the slowing down of cell turnover and build-up of dead skin cells that may trap such oil, forming the perfect conditions for breakouts.

In addition, the imbalance in our skin microbiome and disturbed skin barrier function can result in greater sensitivity, itchiness, redness and peeling in our skin. Some people may also be allergic to certain mask materials.

4 Tips to Care for your skin while wearing face masks

1. Good hygiene is crucial

Wash your face to remove oil, sweat, makeup and impurities before and after wearing a face mask. Use gentle products that do not disrupt the skin barrier and are non-comedogenic. All Dermalogica products are formulated without harsh ingredients like artificial fragrances and alcohol, and Dermalogica cleansers help support a healthy skin microbiome.

For oily skin or acne-prone skin, products with active ingredients like salicylic acid can help prevent congestion, and clear excess oil and dead skin cells to minimise the clogging of pores. Avoid squeezing pimples yourself as this may lead to infection and scarring. Visit your AsterSpring professional skin therapist for skillful extraction to help remove impurities from the skin.

2. Soothe and protect skin to ensure healthy skin barrier function

It’s crucial to boost skin hydration to help soothe skin irritation and inflammation and repair your skin. Calm Water Gel is a gel-to-water moisturiser that treats skin sensitivity and helps restore comfort to your skin whilstboosting hydration up to 105%.

Serums for targeted treatment of skin concerns help enhance results. To fight against skin breakouts, Age Bright Clearing Serum clears and prevents acne with salicylic acid, niacinamide and botanical active ingredients that don’t dry out the skin. Age Bright Spot Fader is also great to further clear acne and remove dark marks left behind from breakouts. For sensitive or irritated skin, Ultracalming Serum Concentrate is good to calm and strengthen the skin barrier with oat and botanical actives.

Don’t skip SPF – your mask only covers part of your face and doesn’t block harmful UV rays & blue light which can damage your skin, as well as cause pigmentation and accelerate ageing. Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 is a non-chemical, soothing sunscreen with a non-sticky texture that helps protect skin without any greasy feeling or visible patchiness.

3. Mask hygiene matters

Be selective and wear a good quality face mask, especially if you have sensitive skin. Masks made with 100% cotton allow the skin to breathe better. If you use disposable paper masks, be sure to use a fresh and clean mask regularly. Cloth masks should be washed frequently. Note that soft materials are preferable, as synthetic materials can lead to more heat retention and skin irritation.

4. Healthy lifestyle and habits

Load up on fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to keep your skin feeling tip-top and healthy from the inside out. Detox and strengthen your immunity with Bioxil Innertreats Vitalzyme, a 100% natural enzyme drink with 126 fruits & vegetables and doubleNutri technology for better absorption of potent antioxidants and phytonutrients.

If you are feeling stressed, Tisserand Lavender Essential Oil is also perfect to support relaxation, better quality sleep, and your overall wellbeing.

At AsterSpring, we are here for you. Achieve #GreatSkinHealth by visiting your nearest AsterSpring centre for a thorough skin analysis, facial treatment, and product recommendations personalised to your skin needs, the right skin-loving skincare products just for you.

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