Tone your way to healthy glowing skin

Toning is that mysterious step in our skincare routine that we know we probably should include, but often have no idea why and therefore, don’t bother. One of the reasons there is so much fog surrounding toners is because they have dramatically changed from what they traditionally used to be.

Toners in the early days

Going back 30 years ago or so, toners were used to remove residue from the skin after cleansing. Most of this residue was mineral oil, a pore-clogging filler ingredient that is rarely used in cleansers today. To fully rid the skin of mineral oil, toners contained harsh, skin-stripping (SD) alcohol to do the job. Yet, many people find (SD) alcohol irritating and drying to their skin, hence why toners got a bad rap and why they often get left out of our daily skincare routines.

Hydration Heaven

Most of today’s toners are all about drenching the skin with hydration, and as most cleansers are free from mineral oil, there’s no need for a ‘striping’ toner. Dermalogica was one of the first skincare brands in the early 80s to step away from astringent toner and develop a hydrating toner. (don’t we deserve a high-5 or a thumbs up? haha)

Hydration has limitless benefits for the skin. Firstly, hydrated skin is healthy skin. Your skin feels smoother and looks fresher and plumper. Not only does it look and feel better, but keeping the skin hydrated helps prevent congestion, sensitivity and fine lines from forming.

Spray toners are usually the easiest and most effective way to tone. These types of toners are designed to be spritzed onto the skin after cleansing and/or exfoliating and before your finishing products. Layering the skin with a veil of hydration pre-serums and moisturisers means you get better absorption of these products – just make sure your toner is still damp on the skin when they go on. A money-saving benefit (and a piece of good news) is that you will only need to use about half the amount of moisturiser than you usually would. Hydrating spray toners not only make economic sense, but your moisturiser will work harder and last longer. (Isn’t that cool?)

Another plus is that Dermalogica spritz toners can be sprayed over makeup throughout the day, to keep the skin’s hydration and protection levels topped up even further.

The era of the advanced toner

Toners have truly transformed and given the skin so much more than it once did. With the huge advances in ingredient technology, toners continue to evolve and offer greater benefits for the skin. In these now active skincare products, you can expect to find antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and even age preventative peptides infused into the mix.

How do you choose the right one?

There is an array of toners on the market and choosing the correct one can be confusing. As a rule of thumb, avoid toners with SD alcohol and artificial fragrance, and opt for a hydrating spray toner that contains actives that will benefit your individual skin condition. With four toners to choose from, Dermalogica has something for every skin:

In need of a skin pick me up :

Ideal for all skins, especially the very thirsty, the ultra-light, Multi-Active Toner refreshes while smoothing the skin’s surface with moisture attracting ingredients for long-lasting hydration.

Red, reactive and sensitive skin:

Go for a toner rich in skin-soothing ingredients. The UltraCalming Mist is a redness-reducing spray that quickly relieves inflammation and discomfort in the skin. A great option if you’re prone to hot flushes or irritated by the environment, as you can spritz throughout the day for emergency first aid for the skin.

Age prevention and repair

The ultimate all-in-one toner, the AGEsmart Antioxidant Hydramist hydrates whilst layering the skin with an antioxidant-rich shield, to protect against skin ageing free radicals found in our everyday environments. What’s more, it also contains collagen-stimulating peptides and flashes firming activities.

Our weather here is hot and humid all year round, why not carry a travel size spritz toner in your handbag and give your skin a hydration boost every hour or so, to combat the hazardous drying effects of air conditioning. You can even pop your Dermalogica toner in the fridge so it’s refreshingly cool on application - just what you need when you get home after a hot sticky day! (After your cleansing, that is)

So ‘to tone or not to tone? The answer is simply a resounding ‘yes’!

Of course, what better way to glow up your skin than visiting your favourite AsterSpring centre for a relaxing or targeted facial to take your #greatskinhealth further. Consider a super hydrating facial treatment like the Intense Hydra-Light Therapy or the oxygen-boosting Oxygenating Vitalzyme Therapy to have a more lasting effect of hydration for your skin.

Nothing beats a professional treatment for your skin!

You may want to consider these facial treatments for healthy glowing hydrated skin.

Recommended treatments:

  • Oxygenating Vitalzyme Therapy
  • Skin Brightening & Renewal
  • Power Brightening Facial
  • Awakening Skin Therapy
  • Intense Hydra-Light Therapy
  • Glow Endermologie – by LPG
  • Hydra Shine Therapy
  • Isotonic Hydrating Treatment

At AsterSpring, we are here for you. Achieve great skin health by visiting your nearest AsterSpring centre for a thorough skin analysis, facial treatment and product recommendations personalized to your skin needs, the right skin-loving skincare products just for you.

Your #GreatSkinHealth, Our journey together!