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Oxy Calming

Oxy Calming

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Oxygen Infusion for Resilient, Calm Skin

Modern life can take a toll on our skin, especially if it's sensitive. Environmental aggressors, stress, and even harsh skincare routines can leave it feeling fragile, reactive, and uncomfortable. Our skin is then subject to inflammation, irritation and imbalance due to these factors.

To help the skin regain its strength, AsterSpring Singapore has created the Oxy-Calming Facial – a sensitive skin facial treatment designed to address the distinctive needs of sensitive skin. It harnesses the power of therapeutic oxygenation to gently nourish and calm even the most delicate of complexions. 
By boosting skin oxygenation, its natural defence and regenerative systems will activate, alleviating irritation and discomfort. Additionally, oxygen contains anti-inflammatory qualities that may lessen the redness of sensitivity.

This nurturing environment allows your skin to breathe and recover. But the benefits go beyond immediate relief. AsterSpring Singapore’s Oxy Calming Treatment is a treatment that gently offers skin-renewing nutrients with professional-grade formulations rich in antioxidants and botanical extracts. Reveal a fresh resilience that goes beyond the surface.

Oxy Calming: Sensitive Skin Facial Treatment Steps

AsterSpring Singapore Signature Breathing Exercise

This treatment begins with a breathing exercise. To help begin the prep and cleanse process of this sensitive skin facial treatment, a blend of essential oils is used. 

Double Cleanse

With the warm and humid climate, a double cleanse is required to remove excess oil, dirt, and buildup effectively. A custom cleansing selection is used to ensure minimal aggravation to sensitive skin.


Applying a custom exfoliant blend to freshly cleansed skin allows for the gentle removal of dead skin cells from the surface, promoting better product absorption and increasing the effectiveness of the following steps.  


AsterSpring Singapore’s unique technique of a thorough and painless extraction is used to conclude the prep process.

Oxygen Therapy with Hyaluronic Ionactive Serum

Using 94% pure oxygen, a Hyaluronic Ionactive Serum designed to deliver intense moisture is micronised and applied directly to the skin. The small particle size of micronised essence allows vital hyaluronic acid to be penetrated deep into the skin for long-lasting hydration.

Facial Massage

A deep facial, neck, and shoulder massage relaxes the face and body. 


Two professional-grade masques are specially used in this sensitive skin facial treatment, each adding a layer of hydration and vital nutrients to support the skin’s restorative and protective functions. A Clinical Colloidal Base Masque helps restore the skin’s hydration and boosts its barrier with hyaluronic acid, botanical phytonutrients and Vitamins A and C. Lastly, a Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal Masque relieves the skin’s irritation and strengthens its barrier with oatmeal and aloe vera. All the benefits of the previous masques and steps are sealed in with these two masques. 

Finishing Touches

This sensitive skin facial treatment is completed with toner, moisturiser and SPF to protect the skin.

Key Benefits

  • Boosts skin oxygenation for a calming effect
  • Supports cellular renewal for a revitalised look
  • Deeply hydrates for radiant, supple skin

Recommended For

All skin types

Duration & Price

65 mins, $300. First trial @ $99

Book your Oxy Calming trial at $99* today.
*Terms & Conditions apply. 

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