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Volcanic Cooling

Volcanic Cooling

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Detoxify Your Skin

Struggling with redness and inflammation but cannot pinpoint its causes? Identifying the specific causes of your skin’s irritation can be difficult, especially when various internal and external factors can cause it. Internal factors like hormones, genetics, diet and sleep can inhibit the function of the skin’s natural protective and restorative processes. Outside the body, factors like the weather, free radicals, pollution, sun exposure and poor skincare ingredients also contribute to the skin’s malfunction. 

However, there is a simple yet effective solution that directly supports the skin’s natural barrier. Deeply rehydrating the skin can elevate the skin's resilience to the impacts of internal and external factors. This has proven to be a particularly effective treatment in Singapore, where our skin experiences dehydration when exposed to warm weather and air-conditioned environments. Insufficient hydration can create an imbalance in the skin's defences, resulting in reactive and sensitive skin.

To counter this reactivity, AsterSpring Singapore’s Volcanic Cooling Treatment utilises natural volcanic stones from Peru and high-performance skincare products to restore vital hydration. Working with the body’s natural detoxification processes to reduce inflammation, and soothe and hydrate skin, the Volcanic Cooling Treatment has quickly become one of the best facials for sensitive skin. Emerge with healthier, calmed and deeply hydrated skin. 

Advanced Isotonic Skin Hydration: Anti-Ageing Treatment Steps

AsterSpring Singapore Signature Breathing Exercise

This treatment begins with a breathing exercise. A blend of essential oils is used to help begin the prep and cleanse process of this sensitive skin facial treatment.

Double Cleanse

With the warm and humid climate, a double cleanse is required to remove excess oil, dirt, and buildup effectively. A custom cleansing selection is used to ensure minimal aggravation to sensitive skin.


Applying a custom exfoliant blend to freshly cleansed skin allows for the gentle removal of dead skin cells from the surface, promoting better product absorption and increasing the effectiveness of the following steps. 


A thorough and painless extraction using AsterSpring Singapore’s unique technique concludes the prep process.

Volcanic Stone Massage

Not all stones are created equal. The Basalt Magma Volcanic Stones used in this sensitive skin facial treatment contain high magnesium and iron content. This gives them the ability to absorb and neutralise radiations from our skin. The added cool touch of the stones adds to the overall soothing effect. Additionally, in the well-trained hands of our experts, these stones are used to release tension throughout the face. 

Facial Massage

A deep facial, neck, and shoulder massage relaxes the face and body.


Special to this sensitive skin facial treatment is its use of three professional-grade masques, each adding a layer of hydration and vital nutrients to support the skin’s restorative and protective functions. A Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal Masque relieves the skin’s irritation and strengthens its barrier with oatmeal and aloe vera. Followed with a Colloidal Masque to restore the skin’s hydration and boost its barrier with hyaluronic acid, botanical phytonutrients and Vitamins A and C. Lastly, a Botanical Cooling Masque rich in seaweed from the European Atlantic Coast instantly hydrates and moisturises the skin, sealing in all the benefits of previous masques and steps. 

Finishing Touches

This sensitive skin facial treatment is completed with toner, moisturiser and SPF to protect the skin.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces redness & inflammation
  • Deeply hydrates & soothes skin
  • Strengthens skin barrier and natural resilience

Recommended For

All skin types

Duration & Price

70 mins, $300. First trial @ $99

Book your Volcanic Cooling trial at $99* today.
*Terms & Conditions apply. 

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